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Baby Shower Thank You Notes

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You always heard from the etiquette gurus that you’re supposed to send Thank You notes to everyone who brought gifts to your baby shower. But what are you supposed to write? How are you supposed to find the time to write them to begin with? We’re here to help.

1. You’re going to have a lot more to do very soon. Your life is going to change drastically in a matter of weeks. Find time before the baby appears to write your friends and family how much you appreciate their thoughts and time for coming to your shower. After the baby arrives, you’re most likely going to have to write even more Thank You notes so get these done as soon as possible.

2. What to write:
a. Since you’re taking the time to write a personal note, mention the gift specifically. Telling the person you simply appreciate the gift they gave you without taking the time to remember what they brought you isn’t very personal. If that’s all you’re wanting to do, just send a thank you note that has something generic written in it.
b. In keeping with the personal thoughts of the note, remember to write the recipients name in the beginning, such as, “Dear Aunt Lori”. Also at the end, remember to sign the note, “Love, Dan, Jen and Johnny”.
c. Even if you hated the gift you received, try to find something positive about the gift. Thank the people that put the baby shower on for you for being there as well as for their gift.
d. If someone gave you a gift that was sentimental between the two of you (a specific toy you loved when a child), take time to write a story it reminds you of or just tell them you remember that you loved that toy, book, etc. and thank them for remember that about you as well.
e. A nice thing to do, if you can’t get your Thank Yous out until after the baby is born, is to include a picture of the baby.
f. A cute idea is to have Thank You notes that are similar to your invitations.

3. An easy way to remember who gave you what is to have someone write down each gift and who gave it to you while you are opening them. This will make your Thank You note writing much easier!

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